Analisi di intelligence strategica, previsione, stima e allerta

Strategic Intelligence Analysis Course: Forecasting, Estimative and Warning Intelligence

Formato: Online
Durata: Settimane 10-16
CPE: 40
Materiali: Books (Amazon Kindle) provided by Treadstone 71, including required read-ahead activities

Presentazione del corso:

Dive into the intricacies of strategic intelligence analysis with our comprehensive 5-day course, focusing on Forecasting, Estimating, and Warning Intelligence. Available both online and in-person, this course unveils the iterative processes of the intelligence lifecycle, guiding you through the complexity of data analysis.

Approfondimenti chiave:

  1. Comprendere la complessità: Navigate the multifaceted landscape analysts face, mastering how to organize, rank, and present findings while maintaining relevance.
  2. Pensiero indipendente: Move beyond daily tactical reports, embracing strategic, big-picture assessments that consider various aspects of an adversary, including social, technical, economic, military, political, legislative, educational, security, demographics, religion, and psychometric (STEMPLES Plus) dimensions.
  3. Rilevanza nel mondo reale: Address the loss of proper intelligence understanding in today's world, often overshadowed by current news posing as genuine Intelligence.

Punti salienti del corso:

  • Strategic Analysis Techniques: Learn to break down complex data and find meaningful ways to present results.
  • Esperienze manuali: Engage in practical exercises, student presentations, and analytic product creation.
  • Guided Apprenticeship: Receive expert guidance and mentorship throughout the course.
  • Materiali completi del corso: Benefit from carefully selected books and templates provided by Treadstone 71.
  • Credito CPE: Earn 40 Continuing Professional Education credits upon completion.

Unisciti a noi:

This course is for you if you're an analyst seeking to sharpen your strategic thinking and go beyond mere reporting. Equip yourself with advanced tools and insights to provide meaningful Intelligence to stakeholders.

Register today for our online course and elevate your career in intelligence analysis.

The link below is for the Strategic Intel Analysis Corso.

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