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Introducing the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Program

Are you ready to elevate your intelligence operations to the next level? Our program guarantees success through leadership approvals and buy-in. With Treadstone 71, you benefit from the Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification training, tailor-made to educate, integrate, and build across information security domains.

Exclusive Online Training Option: Want a quicker path to success? Our new online training accelerates your program's development. Explore this cutting-edge offering today.

Innovative Integration with Cyberintellipedia Experience rapid implementation and leverage years of content from our knowledgebase wiki for effective results.

Punti salienti del programma

  • A leadership-ready strategic plan with clear goals, objectives, and outcomes.
  • Rapid development of SOPs, process flows, metrics, and reporting.
  • A robust foundation of intelligence community standards.
  • Comprehensive integration with Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Capability Maturity Model, TIP Selection, and Rollout service.
  • Strategic interaction with stakeholders to build an internal intelligence community.
  • Report models and examples for quick delivery.

The Treadstone 71 Advantage Our program supports and strengthens your organization's mission and objectives, offering revolutionary and evolutionary methods. We partner with you to establish a roadmap, set goals, create metrics, and anticipate shifts in the landscape. Our guidance ensures progress and standardization in intelligence oversight, peer reviews, and governance.

Cosa Forniamo

  • In-depth expertise and value-added recommendations to drive leadership needs.
  • Structural management of intelligence operations, risk, oversight, and compliance.
  • Creation of an Intelligence Center of Excellence through various specialized areas, including Gap Analysis, Organizational Structures, Data Feed Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Adversary Analysis, Standard Operating Procedures, and more.

Just Do It (JDI) Analysis and Quick Wins Achieve rapid leadership wins with our unique approach to Open Source data collection, Operational Security, Adversary Risk, Reporting and Briefing methods, and more.

Continued Support and Training: Access all the tools needed to manage and grow your program, from structured techniques to analytic writing. Our in-person and online training supports ongoing growth and maturity.

Federation with Corporate Leadership We don't just assist in building your internal intelligence community; we facilitate seamless information sharing, integrating with all levels of your organization for continuous improvement in Cyber Intelligence.

Embrace the future with Treadstone 71. Consistent with our mission statement, we're here to ensure that your intelligence program becomes a beacon of excellence in the industry. Join us on this exciting journey.

  • Gap Analysis and Self Assessment
  • Set Goals and Objectives, Maturity Model
  • Create measures and tracking
  • Pianificazione strategica
  • Technical, Tactical, Operational, and Strategic Program Analysis
  • Organizational Structures and Hiring / Placement
  • Existing Staff Intelligence Skills Assessment
  • Current Reporting Adequacy, Speed, and Content Analysis
  • Threat Intelligence Platform Needs Assessment
  • Data Feed Analysis and Assessment
  • Just Do It (JDI) Analysis/span>
  • JDI quick hit execution for rapid leadership wins
  • Raccolta dati Open Source
  • Operational Security - Bulletproofing
  • Rischio di intelligenza
  • Sviluppo del dossier dell'attore avversario
  • Utilizzo dello strumento avversario e analisi della campagna
  • Adversary Risk
  • Current Event Rapid Analysis and Reporting
  • Raccolta, missione e gestione dei requisiti
  • Procedure operative standard, flussi di processo, gestione delle metriche, monitoraggio del feedback
  • Metodi ATT & CK per i TTP avversari utilizzati per la previsione
  • Regole della Threat Intelligence Platform, navigazione, flussi di lavoro, indagini
  • Threat Intelligence basata su un'adeguata intelligence di base e di ricerca
  • Accesso agli strumenti adeguati necessari per gestire il programma
  • Regole di ingaggio ed escalation
  • Formazione continua e comprensione del mestiere
  • Tecniche strutturate, metodi di analisi attraverso la produzione di intelligenza
  • Scrittura analitica, revisione tra pari, consegna BLUF (bottom-line-up-front)
  • Preparazione dell'intelligence del campo di battaglia cibernetico
  • Modelli e metodi di reporting e briefing per una consegna rapida
  • Integration of Treadstone 71 in-person and online training supporting program growth and maturity

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